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Valuatum JavaScript Widget

JavaScript widgets and REST API

Easily integrate company data stored in Valuatum database to your own website by using either ready-made JavaScript Widgets or our versatile REST API .
Both solutions are available to all our customers. See examples below or contact us for more information.

Valuatum JavaScript Widgets

Using our ready-made JavaScript widgets you can easily show any financial information on your website with a simple HTML embed. Widgets use company information stored in the Valuatum database and can replicate practically any elements found in our web platform. If you are not yet familiar with our equity research platform, you can find more information here or test our system in practice.

JavaScript Widgets are an easy way to embed company information that would normally be visible only in Valuatum web platform to your own website. Best of all, no complicated API integrations or even programming skills are required. Just choose your company, variables and years you wish to show, and you are good to go! We offer several pre-formatted options for tables and graphs, but you can always customize everything to your liking.

Column and line chart

One of the most common chart types out there. Feasible for illustrating the development of absolute values together with ratios, for example Net sales and profitability.


Clustered column chart

Clustered column charts are especially useful for displaying measures comparable to each other, such as balance sheet composition.



Line chart

Often useful for displaying trends over time, for example how profitability of a company has developed over the recent years or how it is expected to develop in the future.




Tables are useful for summarizing data or when there is simply too much data to fit in any graphical illustration.