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Extranet Solutions for Portfolio Managers and Private Equity Investors

Our Web-based solutions for professional equity portfolio managers and private equity investors offer several state-of-the-art features.

For professional portfolio managers our web-based solution offers comprehensive and descriptive tools for screening and analyzing individual equity investments as well as the overall performance of portfolios of funds. Value added features such as peer group valuation, benchmarking, contribution analysis have been designed to give support to any investment strategy – whether global or local. Integrated into customers’ back- or middle-office system backed by real-time price feed means that the portfolio is always up-to-date. While this will enable faster and more profound investment decisions, our system will improve the overall performance of an equity portfolio. Following features are available:

Equity portfolio

  • Portfolio valuation and benchmarking
  • Attribution analysis
  • Performance analysis
  • Comparison and rankings

Equity holdings

  • Company analysis
  • Consensus estimates
  • Earnings calendar
  • Simulation
  • Screening
  • Own target prices (fixed or dynamic)

For Private Equity investors our web-based application is the perfect solution for managing private holdings and funds. With customized reporting templates and up-to-date information shared through an extranet portal, fund managers can efficiently communicate to both investors as well as other interest groups.

  • Up-to-date information on single investment objects
    • Income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement
    • fundamental and relative pricing
  • Up-to-date information on funds
    • Investment objects
    • Value of the fund
  • PDF library
    • reports, minutes of meetings and analysis