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Credit Risk Platform

Overview of the Credit Risk Platform

Valuatum Credit Risk Platform includes several useful features that make analyzing companies easy and efficient. Our objective is to deliver solutions that make analyzing companies as easy and efficient as possible. We realize that there is no one correct way to do analysis and therefore all features in Valuatum system can be tailored to fit your needs.

Company Views – overview of the financial position of a company

  • Provides a comprehensive outlook into the financial position of a company.
  • Layout and content of the pages can be modified – choose the figures and graphs you want to use and hide unnecessary information.
  • The system generates future estimates automatically for the income statement and balance sheet based on predetermined rules.
  • You can easily edit all future estimates as well as historical figures and create multiple scenarios any company.
  • Find more about Company Views

Comparisons – tools for peer group analysis

  • You can compare the key figures of selected companies in scatters and rankings-lists
  • You can choose any financial parameters you want
  • You can create your own company lists for comparison
  • You can limit the set of companies in the scatters or rankings-lists by industry
  • Find more about Comparison Tools

Automatic Reports – Print pre-filled reports with a click of a button

  • Automatic reports are available for one-click printing from the web platform.
  • Reports are pre-filled with company data from our database.
  • Reports are completely customisable and may include any tables, figures, and graphs you wish.
  • We also provide an option to have several different report templates for different use cases, e.g., analysis reports for internal use and company brochures to be shared with investor clients.
  • Reports are available in PDF and Word format
  • Read more and view sample reports here.

You can print customisable reports with a click of a button

Excel models

  • Valuatum also offers easy-to-use Excel models for more comprehensive data input needs.
  • Excel models are especially useful in cases where no company data is found from database, e.g, new companies, but you can also edit existing company data.
  • We offer customisable output sheets – you get to choose the key figures that we show
  • Automatic generation of estimates.
  • Automatic balancing of the balance sheet minimizes input errors.
  • Read more about our Excel models.
Versatile Excel models allow for easy editing of financial data