Guide for using graphs and images in forum comments

It is many times much more illustrative to use picture than to try to explain in words. That's why you have a possibility (which is also recommended) to use in forum comments:

  1. Ready-made graphs from company views pages and
  2. Your own images

Adding ready-made graphs

Adding ready-made graphs from company views pages is fast and easy.
1. Click "Add graph" and a new window will open.
2. Select a language and a page, where the graph is located and click "View".
3. Select static or dynamic graph*
4. Click a graph to attach it to your comment. The graph is attached and you can click another graph.
5. Click Close window button when you have attached all the graphs you wanted.

*Difference between static and dynamic graph
Dynamic graph means that the graph will change as your estimates change. Static graph means that the graph will not change anymore no matter how your estimate data will change. We recommend the static option as the dynamic graph might lead into a situation where your forum text would tell a different story than your graph as the data would have changed afterwards.

Adding your own images

There is an "Add image" link in the normal write message to forum page. This link can be found right next to the "Submit message" button.

1. Click "Add image" and you will come to a screen.
2. Press Browse and find and select the picture you want to add. Press "Add image". The picture will appear to the list of picture names under the title "Choose image"..
3. Select a picture and click on "Attach image".


Positioning added graphs and images

Image will appear to the message as a code. You can move the image by moving this code. You can put the code anywhere in the text and the image will be located to the place where the code is.

Previewing your forum-message

Select Preview to actually see the picture and the message as a whole. Modify the message in the way you want it to be seen.

Posting your forum-message

Post the message in a normal way. Message will appear to forum like it was shown in preview.

What kind of pictures can be used?

Basically you can use any type of pictures that is recognized by Internet Explorer (and others). Basic types such as jpg, jpeg, png and gif are supported. One thing one should consider is the size of the picture. Naturally forum has its limitations when it comes to size, so pictures should be reasonable small.


Using template forum comment

The template forum comment provides you with the most relevant graphs pre-filled to the text and ready-made html formatting for headings and bullets.

1. Select the "TEMPLATE" from the drop-down menu in the forum
2. The ready-made formatting is brought to the text box
3. Start filling in your own text and headings to the sections "Insert bullet", "Insert heading" and "Your text here"
4. To help you navigate in the text you can click Preview before typing
5. Remove or add headings and graphs if necessary.

It is recommended to concentrate on the same issues as in the template headings but you can also type in your own headings or add/remove headings and graphs.