Guide for editing forum comment text

Text is more readible if it has been edited. Forum comments are written inside html tags most of which are not visible to the user. You can either write text in a html text editor and copy it here or use html tags directly in you comment text.

Using template forum comment

The template forum comment provides you with the most relevant graphs pre-filled to the text and ready-made html formatting for headings and bullets. Select the template from the drop-down menu in the forum before you start typing your comment. After the ready-made formatting is brought to the text box you can start filling in your own text. It is recommended to concentrate on the same issues as in the template headings but you can also type in your own headings or add/remove headings and graphs.

Using html editors

You can use, for instance, a free software editor to easily edit your text:

•    EditPlus Text Editor

1.    Copy only the essential part of the code in the editor. You should not copy the whole page, since a forum comment already is a page, and placing a page inside a page will lead to troubles.
2.    Do not use Word as a html editor. It is likely to get in troubles with Word's html code, since it adds many unnecessary tags in the code.

Using html tags

Text in the comment
Final appearance
 cursive text cursive text
 underlined text 
underlined text
 bolded text bolded text

Html tags guides

•    NCD HTML Design Guide v6.0
•    HTML 4.01 / XHTML 1.0 Reference