How to copy company data from database to Valuatum Excel model (DB2Excel)?

1. Basic information about DB2Excel

DB2Excel is a process that brings a company's data from the Valuatum's database to a Valuatum Excel model. In other words, you can open an empty Valuatum excel model and use DB2Excel to download any company's data (historic data and estimates) from any analyst that has provided data to Valuatum database.
DB2Excel comes from words "from database to Excel". It is an opposite process to Excel2DB which means "from Excel to database".

2. When to use DB2Excel?

Downloading company data with DB2Excel is practical in a couple of situations:

  1. When you start to analyse a company that already has an analyst, the easiest way to start is to download the current first analyst's data or use history data import.
  2. If you need to update your current Excel model to the latest version, DB2Excel can be used in the process (see more about updating model).

3. Usage instructions

  1. Download Valuatum Excel model (usually by selecting  Analyst from the top menu - Excel Files)
  2. Open Valuatum Excel model.
  3. If you use DB2Excel for the first time, make sure that Microsoft WinHTTP services are available.
  4. Go to the I-main sheet.
  5. Click the button Download data.
  6. Write your login information and click Continue.
  7. Choose the company from the list.
  8. Choose which years and quarters you would like to update. If you are downloading data to an empty model, choose All years/quarters. Click Continue.
  9. Now the macro downloads the data and tells you when the process is ready.


4. Possible problems

"User-defined type not defined" error

If the macro gives this kind of error and paints "New WinHttp.WinHttpRequest" text, it means that Excel is missing Microsoft WinHTTP Services reference. Stop the macro and see instructions how to take WinHTTP Services into use:

Possible problem: Microsoft WinHTTP Services (winhttp.dll)

Any other problems

In case of any (other) problems, do not hesitate to contact Valuatum.