Prepare company in the database

When initiating coverage of a new company you will first need to prepare the company in the database. After this you can update figures to database using Excel model.

If you are not the first analyst for the company, you do not have to do anything. In that case these values should be correctly set by the first analyst.

Preparing new company
  1. Go to the analyst main page.
    1. Login to the web pages of the service.
    2. Click Analysts link in the top of the page.
  2. Click Companies in the menu.
  3. Click Add new company.
  4. Select the industry and ticker(s) for company.
    1. Add new industry if needed.
    2. Add new ticker(s)* for the company if needed.
  5. Click Add Company.
  6. Open your Excel model and click Update to database. Remember to use exactly same company name in Excel model as what you defined to the database!

Updating company info

  1. Go to the analyst main page.
  2. Click the Company Management button. 
  3. Choose the company from the list and click Modify. 
  4. Select industry and ticker(s)* for the company.
  5. Click Update Company.

* Notice about tickers!  If the company has two series of shares, remember to set ticker for both series. If the second series is unquoted, set the quoted ticker for both series I and II.
* Estonian companies. Please use EUR as the currency of the ticker. (The model can be in EEK.)