The chart macro in the Excel model - how to use the chart efficiently

In the Excel model, you can easily display the figures in the table graphically with a ready-made chart macro. In the chart, figures are readily interpretable, and it may be easier to change the figures, as you can see how your estimate relate graphically to historical quarter figures.

Though, the chart macro is easy to use and you probably need only information how to get started i.e. where to find that macro (1 Running the macro), here are also some other instructions and some hints on how to deal with the graphs.

1. Running the chart macro

Go to the I-divQ sheet and select the Create division chart at the macro menu and click on Run macro button.

2. Choosing division and chart type

Choose a division you want make the chart of and the chart type. Click then OK.

3. Moving the chart

A chart of the selected division and type is opened. You can move the chart, and the possible toolbar, by dragging them with your mouse.

4. Excluding and including years in the chart

If you want to exclude one or more years from the chart, just click on the minus sign on top of the corresponding year. Including of a year is done similarly, this time just click on the plus sign of the corresponding year.

5. Resizing the chart

Especially, when excluding a year from the chart, the chart may become too small to be clear anymore. To fix this, just resize the chart by dragging one of the corners or sides with mouse.

6. Seeing the figure changes in the chart

Try the chart now and change one of the changeable figures in the table. Remember to change the figures of the division that is in the chart! If the chart is on top of the division's figures, move it somewhere else (see the point 3). Also, notice that the chart is not updated before you verify the change in a cell by pressing the Enter on the keyboard or selecting another cell.

7. Saving the chart

To save the chart, you do not have to do anything extra; the chart is saved as you save the excel model, and is usable when you open the file next time. Of course it is also very easy to create the charts again so you can also remove the charts.

8. Removing the chart

You can also remove the chart. Remove the chart by choosing the chart and pressing the Delete button on the keyboard. You can easily create a chart again by following these instructions.