How to change year in the Excel model?

Automatic year-change function

As the fiscal year results are reported and thus current year changes into history, the valuation models have typically to be changed. New current year has to be estimated in detail and links have to be changed to output sheets.

In Valuatum Model this complicated process can be done with only one click. Every model includes a "YearChange" macro that does all the necessary actions. The running of this macro takes about 10 seconds and all the analyst has to do is press a button.

Changing year in practise

Please follow these instructions, when you fill in Q4 results:
  1. Insert "x" to the cell AF4 in I-divQ (the current year's latest quarter).
  2. Fill cumulative Q4 net sales, ebit and income statement to the I-divQ sheet.
  3. In I-main enter the actualized balance sheet.
  4. Update the cells in blue font also to the I-main income statement.
  5. Go back to I-divQ and enter new quarter estimates: net sales, EBIT and income statement - if you have not already done it before. (If the quarter estimates are blank, then current year net sales growth becomes 0% after year change.)
  6. Make a backup copy of the file.
  7. Press 'Change year' button.
Now the macro runs a few seconds and when it has finished, it will give a message box. Do the following things after the macro:
  1. Enter new estimates, especially to the I-divQ sheet, where macro has copied the Y+3 values from I-main (Y+0 means the current year). If you do not yet have the quarter estimates for the new current year, please make them too.
  2. Check that the model looks mainly ok. If there are errors in interest expenses, run the FixInterestExpenses macro.
  3. In Shares and dividends section update the actualized share information.