I have to change black output cell even though it is not allowed

Sometimes you may think that you should override a formula in a cell with black font, even though you know that the rules deny it. The answer to this kind of problem is that there is always an input cell that you can use. Here are some examples:

Net sales or EBIT info fields in I-divQ sheet

You do not ever have to change info fields in I-divQ sheet. If the quarter in question has actualized, the cells get their values from cumulative figures. If it is an estimate quarter, the cells use estimate fields. So the info fields are output cells that tell you the actual periodic figure, either based on cumulative or estimate numbers.

Current year balance sheet

When the company reports interim results, you will get new information about the balance sheet. Some parameters (e.g. Other intangible assets) you can change directly since they are input parameters in the balance sheet. However, some others are output parameters (e.g. Inventories). In the latter case do not still override the formula but adjust the corresponding estimate parameter (Inventories / Net sales %) instead, if needed.

Goodwill (in balance sheet)

If the company's goodwill has changed during the current year (or will change in the future) in a way that cannot be explained with previous year goodwill and goodwill amortization, use the field Additional goodwill in estimate parameters.

Any other

The cases above are just examples describing that there is always a way to use input cells. If you cannot figure out how to do it, please do not hesitate to ask from us.