How to use multi-criteria rankings?

Creating a multi-criteria ranking list

Lets assume for example that you want to rank all companies based on their ROI % and P/E. This can be accomplished by following these steps:

Note: You can also select which companies you want to rank. Instructions for this can be found below.

  1. Go to Comparisons/Multi-criteria Rankings
  2. Click Make your own ranking list
  3. Fill out a name for your query in the field Page (query) name
  4. In the parameter column, select ROI % from the drop-down list as the first ranking criteria. Fill out also other fields (more information on different fields can be found by clicking the question marks above the fields):
    • Time = the year/quarter whose figures you want to see
    • Limit Value = a value that companies must exceed in order to get any points
    • Target value = a value that will give the company 1 point
    • Weight = the weight you want to give to this particular parameter when calculating the final points
    • Maximum points (optional) = maximum points that one company can get from this parameter
  5. To add another ranking criteria, click Add parameter, this time select P/E as the parameter and fill out all required fields as above.
  6. Finally to see the ranking list you made, click Save and query.

Selecting the companies you want to rank

By default, all companies in the database are visible in your rankings. However, you can define which companies you want in your rankings by creating a new company list.

  1. Go to  (both paths lead to the same page)
    • Personal info/Company lists  OR
    • Comparisons/Rankings/Make your own ranking list/Create own company lists
  2. Name your list and select the companies you want in it
  3. Click Add