Installing Valuatum Word add-in

First, close all open Word documents

Open the installer and follow instructions

After the installation the Valuatum-tab should be visible in MS Word's tab (see picture below)




Possible problems & solutions

Valuatum tab is not visible

1. Valuatum add-in is not selected in ribbons-menu

After the installation if the valuatum-tab is not visible it might be unselected from ribbons menu. You can select the ribbon from customize ribbon options (File - Options - Customize ribbon). Valuatum ribbon should be checked like in the picture below.


2. Valuatum add-in is inactive

If the Valuatum add-in is not visible in the ribbons menu (case 1) it can be inactive. To active the add-in follow these steps:

  1. Go to FIle - Options - Add-ins
  2. Choose "Com Add-ins" and press Go-button
  3. Select to Valuatum.Word and Press OK

3. Valuatum add-in is disabled

If the Valuatum add-in is not visible in the COM add-ins menu, Word might have disabled the add-in. To enable Valuatum add-in follow these steps:

  1. Go To File -> Options -> Add-ins
  2. Choose "Disabled items" in manage-box and press Go-button
  3. If the valuatum add-in is in disabled items, press Enable
  4. After enabling the add-in, it will be inactive so it should be activeted (see previous instructions about activating the add-in)