Forecasting Depreciations & Amortization

There are two ways to enter amortization the Valuatum system: user can either enter quarterly forecasts or enter amortization %. There is no need to use both methods. User should choose which one suits better for the current situation and go with it. The use of both of the methods might cause some errors and therefore we do not recommend it.

Quarterly amortization

If user decides to enter quarterly amortization of intangible assets, the system will calculate the sum of these inputs and uses the inputs.


In the Valuatum system, the annual amortization is calculated from the amortization % and last year's other intangible rights. E.g. user set amortization % to be 33% and other intangible rights in 2015 were 15.5. Thus, amortization in 2016 will be 5.17.