Initiation of coverage

To add new company, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Web platform
  2. Go to Admin -> Companies & Industries -> Company management -> Add new company
  3. Check if there is existing ticker for the company from “Ticker (series I)” drop-down list
  4. If you do not find it from the list then you need to add one:
    1. Click “Add new ticker”
    2. Fill in all required information
    3. Click “Add ticker”
    4. After that new ticker should be available
  5. Fill in all the company information fields
  6. Click “Add company”
  7. IMPORTANT: make sure that in the Excel model you have exactly the same company name (cell F1) as one you used while creating the company.

NOTICE, new company will be hidden until the model is uploaded to the database, after this it will be visible immediately